FirstContact Prepaid Charge and Calling Cards

The new way to make high quality calls easily, safely, and inexpensively!

FirstContact prepaid charge and calling cards can be used in two different ways.
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Used as calling cards
The cards can be used as classic calling cards - just dial the access number shown on the card to get started!
There are no hidden costs or administrative fees, and you can recharge your existing account thus you won't lose any balance.

When you call in for the first time you get to pick your language, and if your number wasn't recoqnised you'll be asked if you wish to save it on your account. Saving your phone number makes calling easier as after that you no longer need to type the PIN to call.

More information about the cards can be found in the access numbers list page. A detailed list on the rates is available on the rates page.

We have many advanced features available which make the service easier to use even from fixed phone or a simple mobile phone. You can read more information about the features here.

Used as recharge cards
If you already have a FirstContact QuickCall account then you can use these cards to top up your account balance.

You can redeem the codes either on the website after you login, using the 'Recharge account' feature found in the App, or by calling one of the recharge access numbers with a phone associated with your account.

Make calling easier with our Apps!
Do you have a smartphone? If your phone is an Android or iOS device you can download our App which will make using our service even easier. You can dial directly from your telephones addressbook, using any of the diffenrent calling methods that we support (VoIP, two-stage, or callback).

The App will also display your balance and last call information when you are online. And you get free calls to other users who are connected online with our App when you call them using SIP (VoIP).

Just search for 'FirstContact' (no spaces) in the App Store or Play Store to get started! You can use the PIN from the card to register the App.



  • The PINs on the cards are valid for 90 days after first use. Even if not used they will expire latest by the date shown on the card.
  • Accounts and their balances are valid for one year after the last recharge. After one year without recharges an account and its balance expire.
  • The cards are not refundable.
  • The rates linked to from here on or other media are subject to change without notice.