FirstContact SIM cards

FirstContact SIM cards

Our SIM cards are now available in Belgium! Enjoy the same great quality at competitive prices while calling directly from your mobile phone!

Calling any Belgian network directly from the mobile phone costs 10 cents per minute, or only 3.6 cents per minute using our VoIP service (Voice over IP - internet connection required). Various packs for sending SMS messages and mobile data connections are also available (see below).

One balance

Our SIM cards use the same balance as our VOIP accounts so you don't need to worry about keeping different balances in order to make different types of calls! You can always choose the most suitable calling method depending on your current needs and benefit from great quality at great prices.


In addition to the existing recharge methods you can also send an SMS to our service number +32 488 70 20 20 containing just the recharge PIN code (for example: 123456789012). This number is a free destination number for FirstContact Mobile users.

Special packs

We also offer several different packs that you can activate on your account if you have sufficient credits available. The packs can be activated by sending an SMS with the word 'PACK' followed by the pack code to the number +32 488 70 20 20. To get the details of your current available packs send a question mark (?), 'BALANCE' or 'PACK INFO' to the same number. Messages sent to this number from FirstContact mobile connections are always free of charge.
Unless otherwise stated the packs are valid for 30 days after activation.

The currently available packs are these:

Pack code -- Description
DATA512 or 7512 -- 512MB of mobile data for €5.
DATA1 or 7001 -- 1GB of mobile data for €9.
DATA2 or 7002 -- 2GB of mobile data for €15.
DATA5 or 7005 -- 5GB of mobile data for €30.
SMS200 or 2002 -- 200 SMS messages to any Belgian network for €3.
SMS1000 or 2010 -- 1000 SMS messages to any Belgian network for €6.
SMS10K or 2100 -- 10000 SMS messages to any Belgian network for €9.
ALL250 or 9110 -- A pack of 250 minutes and SMS to any Belgian network, and 250MB mobile data for €10.
350M+1GB or 9115 -- A pack of 350 minutes and SMS to any Belgian network, and 1GB mobile data for €15.
ALL2K or 9222 -- A pack combining 2000 minutes to any Belgian network with 2000 SMS messages to any Belgian network, and 2GB of mobile data for €35.
1620 - A pack with 250 minutes to any Belgian network or EU country for €20.
9228 - A pack with 700 minutes to any Belgian network, Bangladesh, China, India, or Pakistan for €20.
9020 - A pack with 650 minutes and 100 SMS messages to any Belgian network for €20.
DAY30 -- A pack giving 30 minutes of national voice calls and 50MB of data usage valid for the same day, for only €1,50!

To activate a pack send an SMS to +32 488 70 20 20 containing the code for the desired pack - for example send 'DATA1' to activate the 1GB mobile data pack.